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Post by Administrator on Sat Mar 19, 2011 9:47 am

In-Game Rules

The DarkDeus does not tolerate the following in game, in any forum, in IRC, in any e-mail or any Page to The DarkDeus.

- Personal or targeted abuse or harassment.
- Racial abuse.
- Sexual abuse.
- Religious abuse.
- Homo phobic abuse.
- Obscene or indecent language or material.
- This list is not exhaustive, you have been warned.

The following rules apply when contacting or discussing matters with Admins or Staff.

- Do not attempt to bribe staff.
- Do not give staff ultimatums or attempt to blackmail staff.
- Do not deceive or attempt to deceive staff.

The Admins and Staff


- Any form of complaint regarding staff behaviour should be emailed to an administrator.

Paging a Game Master

- If you have any problems in game feel free to page.
- If you have a question about the game, ask in the forums before resorting to paging.
- If you page make sure you give details of your problem. If you don't the page will be removed.
- Keep you pages polite and legible. Rude or incomprehensible pages are likely to be ignored.
- Please only page once about your problem. Re paging will not make it get answered any faster.
- Remember that you can check the page database ( Currently unavailable ) to see if your page has been answered, a gm will not always attend.

Bug Exploiting

- Bug exploiting is obviously frowned upon. Anyone caught exploiting bugs will be severely dealt with.
- Bugs are defined as unintended glitches or exploits that give an unfair profit to someone abusing them. A vendor's buy back prices being higher than sell prices, for example.
- If you see someone exploiting a bug, report them by paging. You will most likely be rewarded (unless you demand a reward, of course)
- All serious bugs are asked to be reported to an admin via email, from a non free e-mail provider.
- If you are unsure whether or not what you are doing is bug abuse or not, page a gamemaster, or ask in forums, and don't continue using the possible bug as it may result in jail time.
- Using any skill in a no-skill and/or no-pvp areas is a bug exploit
- Obvious, intentional use of 'severe' bugs (such as house looting, quick skill gain, etc) results in an immeadiate and unappealable ban for all accounts the player is known to use, whether they own the accounts or not. Future accounts the player sets up and/or uses (depending on the severity of the abuse) may be banned (without warning) even if no further offenses are commited.

Res Killing

- This is defined as a player or players, forcefully resurrecting a player and then killing them, often repeatedly. This is the only definition of this, and it is illegal. To clarify, killing someone who resurrected themselves (i.e., at an ankh or healer) is NOT res killing. - It is no longer possible to Res Kill on this shard. Players are presented with a menu if they wish to be resurrected by a player, please select NO if you do not wish to be killed again. In any circumstances where res killing remains possible, it is still illegal.

Telepad and Ankh Blocking.

- Outside of the guardzone you may block telepads and ankhs, including enterances to towns
- It is legal to block public moongates (the main moongate system)
- Inside the guardzone this is illegal, no matter what method you use. Page if you see someone doing it.
- Blocking the return portals from the duel pits, the jail and the guild hall is illegal.

Banned Items

- Posession of world file items is illegal (e.g. dungeon traps, trees). It should be obvious which items these are. If you find one you can take, page.
- Event items are not supposed to be outside events, page to have them removed. You can and will be jailed if you do not page.
- Posession of items which cause harm to a player such as some braziers is illegal. Page if you see any.
- Newbied bags should not exist on this shard - it's illegal to possess one.
- Possession of Game master items is illegal.

Explosion Potions

- You may not use these in or throw these into guard zones.

Replacing Items

- Unless the loss of the item was the fault of staff, staff will not replace any items.
- Rollbacks occasionally occur when the server crashes and is restarted with the last viable world save data. Items lost as a result of this will not be replaced.

Player Killing

- Player killing is legal on this shard except in certain areas and times.
- You may not pk [Young] players within Haven or the Newbie Dungeon, however [Young] players outside Haven are fair game.
- You may not pk in a Tournament Area when it is use. If it is not in use you are free to do so.

Looting and Stealing

- Stealing is enabled on this shard and is thus legal. However there are rules for it.
- You may not steal from [Young] players within Haven.
- You may not steal in a Tournament Area when it is in use (defined by the gm using it). If it is not in use you are free to do so. This includes attempting to steal and snooping do not use these skills in an event area.
- House looting, providing it is done by legitimate methods is legal.
- House looting by illegal methods will be punished severely.

Housing and Fences

- Please remember that houses are not 100% safe as there are legitimate ways to loot them. Store any important items in banks.
- Extra fencing must be placed in such a way as to form a complete loop forming an enclosure, which must not enclose or block off access to any land that is not within the fencing area of the house.
- Fencing may not be placed on any paths whatsoever.
- Fencing may not be placed in such a way that it blocks access to an area you cannot enclose (for example, a mine entrance or peninsula)
- Each fence must have at least one gate present.
- Player villages of a sufficient size may seek staff approval to build a duel arena for their village from fencing. An approved arena gets an ankh.
- Page if you're unsure about your fence or in error, as illegal fences will be removed by gm's (if and when they find them) and no replacement will be given.
- It is illegal to block the "Remove Thyself" square. If you use Remove Thyself on someone they should be free to leave your house without being trapped.

A group of houses may link together their fences to form an area enclosed by fencing, as long as it follows the following rules:

-All of the area enclosed by the houses must be within the fencing region of at least one of the houses in the group. You may not enclose an area that is larger than the combined fencing areas of the houses in the group.
-There must be at least one gate into the enclosure.
-A group of houses that connect their fences together must form a complete enclosure. Other linkings of house fences, such as forming a long line of houses and making a wall, are not allowed.
-The enclosure must not block off access to places such as mines, towns, dungeons, telepads, monster spawns and other similar things. For confirmation as to whether an enclosure is in a legal position, ask a staff member.

Haven and the Newbie Dungeon

- Mark, recall and gate are not allowed in Haven or the Newbie dungeon.
- You may use summons (controllable or not) and field spells, but you are responsible should they kill another young, which is illegal.
- Killing [Young] players' rides within Haven is illegal.
- Stealing and/or looting from [Young] player within Haven is illegal.


- Guilds must have at least five unique members (each from a different account). Guilds with less than five members will go black, and disappear after a few days.
- Guild stones must be in the guild hall on one of the pads provided.
- Guild stones cost 100,000gp. You must page to obtain one.
- Guild stones must be updated by the guild master at least once every two weeks (type .gc update in game to update). If a guild stone isn't updated after a week, it goes red. After two weeks it will disappear.

Shops, Player Vendors and Trade

- You may only own one shop per person.
- A 'person' is defined as 1 person in real life. There may be more than 1 person on the same internet connection. If this is challenged proof will be required. The forum of proof will be the same as those required for the Trust System.
- You may only place player vendors at your house or a rentable shop (with permission).
- Player vendors are your responsibility. If they leave because you didn't pay or feed them then they will not be replaced.
- Player vendors in houses must be more than a screen or so away from a vendor in a rentable shop, so not to jeopardise the value of the shop. This is left to staff discretion.
- Conning players inside a guard zone via a player vendor is illegal. For example only, naming an empty bag "Deus Plate mail" and charging 100,000gp when it is in fact empty. Please ensure the contents of a bag or container are known as to deceive is to con. (The exception is Lucky Dips.)
- When you rent a shop, the vendors already in it along with the items, are considered to be the property of the new owner. Page to get the vendor transferred to you. You may only rent one shop at a time.
- It is illegal to conn/scam [young] players in player to player trade NOT out of gz playervendor to player trade. Treat [young] players with respect with respect to trading.
- It is a bug exploit for the original owner of a ride to mount that ride after transfering/trading the ride.
- Intentional abuse of the secure trade window (conning) is strictly forbidden. Do not attempt to decieve people using the secure trade window

Mark, Gate and Recall

- Players may only Mark runes and Recall Pots in the designated areas (now most of the map), that is not in a town, dungeon, or other restricted area.
- Runes or pots marked elsewhere are illegal.

Banned tactics, this is your warning:

- LOS Abuse. This is bug abuse, defined as doing things (casting, using items, etc) through ceilings, floors or walls, where you have no line of sight to the target. If a pet or hireling LOS abuses, the owner is responsible.
- X-walling prevents los to the victim: attacking (including pets) or casting directly on an x-walled person is los abuse. However, actions which don't require direct line of sight to the victim are legal (explosion potions, fire fields, etc)
- Meleeing through X-walls is illegal
- Summoning sheep for wool.
- Summoning creatures onto gates, doors or walls, such that they can walk though them, is illegal and treated as LOS abuse.
- Action Spam, i.e spamming to cover up messages of actions you have performed, such as covering up words of power or snooping/stealing messages.
* This is not a complete list - if an action is obviously an exploit giving an unfair advantage in combat etc, don't abuse it. Cries like "but i thought you were supposed to be able to insta-kill such and such" won't be taken seriously.

Instant Logging

- Logging out Instantly in a guardzone during combat, or to avoid potential combat, or on low health after combat, is illegal
- Players caught instant logging will have all non newbied items on their character, and their ride removed - It is no longer possible to logout your client instantly in guardzones, however if this tactic is still possible in Inns this rule still applies

Party System
- Players are advised NOT to use the builtin party system, but to use the custom party system via the .invite commands
- Players are advised NOT to accept party invites from people they do not trust
- Persistantly and Intentionally abusing any party system to loot, guardwhack, or create a disadvantage to any other player is illegal

Xibalba Rules and Guidelines
(These rules apply to the Roleplaying Lands, Xibalba) - All sorts of players may enter all areas, reds, criminals, blues
- There are NO guards protecting the towns and villages of Xibalba
- Stealing and Snooping is allowed
- All other shard-rules apply here
- Houses may be placed in certain areas.
- Out of character conversation is permitted, as long as it is tactful
- PvP is allowed, as long as it done in character
- "OMFG U SUX" nonsense is not permitted
- No macroing under any circumstances

Administrators reserve the right to enforce rules not explicitly stated on this page if the situation so requires.
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